Friday, October 7, 2016

Halloween playlist #7 - Needful Things [1993]

A relatively unknown Stephen King adaptation that lives up to the hype. My first time watching it as well as my last time, for sure.

A majority of Stephen King's film and TV adaptations are notoriously mediocre. And none fit the bill quite like this 3-hour epic of who-cares. You would think with actors like Ed Harris and Max Von Sydow in the lead roles, this thing would have been at least a little better, but it's just dull and predictable in all the worst kind of ways. I only really watched it because me and my girlfriend really love Max Von Sydow, but you can find plenty of other great performances of his elsewhere, you don't need to dumpster dive for something this forgettable. Fans of King's stories are bound to find at least a little to enjoy about this, but to everyone else, I would just recommend you stay away. Too long with not enough pay-off.


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