Friday, October 7, 2016

Halloween playlist #6 - Society [1989]

I had read a little bit about this movie and have been aware of it for several years now, but I only just now got around to watching it is this a weird one.

You can tell pretty early on that there's something amok in this film's universe, but to spoil it would do you and this movie a huge injustice, so I'll avoid mentioning anything about the climax. I can say, however, that this is not the kind of movie that I would ever be able to recommend to someone who is overly sensitive or doesn't like things that are objectively gross. The way the entire film unravels is slow, but builds a creepy atmosphere, and the ending itself is enough of a payoff to be a very satisfactory reward for your patience throughout the rest of it. It's a little bit science fiction, with a touch of body horror, and a whole ton of craziness. This is a very cleverly put together movie with an overarching message on social class that one would have trouble defining as anything less than painfully obvious, but it works, and I would definitely recommend this one to more hardcore horror fans who've never seen it.


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