Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Halloween playlist #34 - The Fly II (1989)

Few movies could ever hold up to the 1986 Cronenberg version of The Fly, so this movie really never had a chance at being a great sequel, but that doesn't keep it from being enjoyable. I appreciate the fact that this one doesn't just rehash the events of the first movie, instead telling it's own story and following up the events in an original way.

That being said, there are a few things in this movie that don't work so well, but the overall results are pretty great. Fans of the disgusting effects found in the first movie are likely to find plenty to love in terms of visuals here, and in spite of the negative backlash surrounding the gross-outs seen in this sequel, I would argue that this movie has better effects than the first one. Sadly, there isn't a Jeff Goldblum here to anchor everything, though Stoltz is pretty good. It's not an amazing film, but an interesting one that deserves more credit.


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