Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Halloween playlist #32 - Terror From Beneath The Earth (2009)

Another fun little '50s-style b-movie from Christopher R. Mihm, Terror From Beneath The Earth fits right in with the rest of his movies as a clever send-up to that charming point in time where horror movies were all about radiated bugs and animals.

#22 on my Halloween playlist was Attack Of The Moon Zombies, another sci-fi homage from Mihm, and overall probably a better movie than this one. But just slightly. If you enjoy corny old fashioned movies like Attack Of The Giant Leeches or Robot Monster, I would easily recommend giving this guy's movies a try. This isn't the best one he's made, as I would definitely say that title goes to The Monster Of Phantom Lake, but as an intro to his style, this one would work pretty well.


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