Saturday, October 22, 2016

Halloween playlist #26 - Communion (1989)

Christopher Walken gets an anal probe. They should've put that on the poster, that would've been an amazing tagline and probably would've kept the movie from failing at the box office and sinking into relative obscurity. But that would have meant the filmmakers had a sense of humor about this movie. They did not.

Attempts to tell a "true story" about something as fantastical as alien abduction is not an easy feat, and focusing so heavily on the dramatic side of the story didn't do this one any favors. Walken is a bonkers actor and the story was pretty crazy as well. If the writer hadn't been so convinced it would work as a dramatic thriller (it's loosely horror, so I decided to include it on my Halloween playlist), this could have been a pretty fun movie. But it isn't. It's not very interesting for the most part, though there are a few memorable scenes throughout, particularly in the third act. I wouldn't try to dissuade one from watching it, but it certainly wouldn't be classified as a success in my book.


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