Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween playlist #29 - Race With The Devil (1975)

One of the most weirdly overlooked horror movies of the '70s, this one freaked me out as a teenager, and now close to 10 years later, has still managed to stick with me. So I watched it again, and yup, this is a pretty fantastic movie.

It's weird to me how certain movies stand the test of time and how others wind up being lost in the shuffle, excluded from the talk when the subject of "classics" approaches. To me, this movie holds up more than a majority of other more well-regarded '70s horror films, and manages to thrill as an actioner at the same time. One could argue the "turned down the wrong road" setup was nothing special, but it's the way this movie handles it that gives the characters and audience a trapped feeling of complete desperation. This movie is legitimately stressful to watch. You never know who to trust, or what is waiting around the next curve. I honestly can't think of any road movies that terrify me as much as this. So do yourself a favor and seek this one out, it's more than worth your time.


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