Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween playlist #19 - Child's Play 3 (1991)

After the relatively consistent first two Chucky movies, we were bound to run into one that pretty much sucked ass. And the third entry is the first entry to take a number two all over the audience. I appreciate the change of setting, but it really seemed that the story had run itself really thin by this point, making it probably the dullest in the series.

But that doesn't mean it was the worst. Remember, I still haven't talked about the pile of dirty asses that was Seed Of Chucky. While the first two take place pretty close to each other, time-wise, this one happens close to 10 years later. Which, right there, already tells you how poorly thought out this movie was. Am I supposed to believe this movie really took place in 1998? They didn't even try, did they? Ugh, oh well. At least they didn't try too hard here, which is a rare thing to praise a movie for. But if you've seen Seed Of Chucky, you'll understand why. Again, not the worst in the series, but of the first 5 (I still need to rewatch Curse of Chucky), this is in the bottom two.


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