Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween playlist #33 - The Wizard Of Gore (1970)

My second time around with this one, and now that I've seen it again in such close proximity to Lewis' other film Two Thousand Maniacs, yeah, I probably will have to revoke previous statements about preferring this one. It's enjoyable, but ultimately incomprehensible and slightly redundant.

The main appeal here is in the ridiculous gore and gross-out qualities. If you don't enjoy watching cheesy '70s gore, you'll hate this movie and understandably so. There's more blood in this movie than most modern horror movies, but the style in which it's done is insanely cheap. But even taking that into consideration, it's hard not to cringe at some of the disgusting things that go on in this movie. Even though it's not what the title is referring to, Herschell Gordon Lewis truly was the wizard of gore.


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