Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween playlist #39 - Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (1931)

I first watched this movie years ago (I would say it's been over a decade), and I wasn't a huge fan of it at the time. I always have been a fan of the old Universal monster movies, so I can't say it's because I was too young to appreciate it, but I honestly found the Spencer Tracy movie more interesting, and the silent version far creepier. But while I haven't rewatched either of those versions in a while, I will say my opinion of the movie has much improved.

Fredric March has become an actor I've learned to appreciate more over time, and watching how effectively he embodies Jekyll and Hyde makes for one of his most impressive performances. First person shots are utilized well, and several of the transition scenes are handled so seamlessly, I'm still impressed by how they were pulled off even after 85 years of technological advancements. The pacing is a little slow and some scenes can become a tad redundant, but this is still one of the most ruthless and disturbing horror movies of the '30s.


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