Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween playlist #36 - Extraordinary Tales (2015)

I'm usually a fan of stylish animation, but only when it's used well. Just having cool animation isn't enough to make me like something. This rule applies here, in one of the most forgettable animated movies I've seen in some time. Edgar Allen Poe's stories and poems have influenced generations, but I feel that if this were someone's first introduction to his work, they wouldn't be able to understand why.

Stylistically uneven and somehow overstays it's welcome in spite of only being about 75 minutes long, this movie may feature some cool visuals in a few of the segments, but that is never enough. Not even stock narrations by legends like Christopher Lee and Bela Lugosi can add charm to this project, and actually only help make the whole affair feel very gimmicky. There was potential here and in spite of my criticisms, it isn't a bad movie in a lot of ways, just nothing at all noteworthy. Watch it for the animation itself, if you like gothic style art, but that's all you'll take away from this anthology of sorts.


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