Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Friday The 13th, parts 5 - 7

Alright, now that we've got the first 4 out of the way, it's time to move on to the next phase -- and this is where things start to get interesting.


Remember how the previous movie was called The Final Chapter? Yeah, so... no. In spite of its existence in the first place, this movie does have some fun stuff. A fresh killer, a pair of white trash hicks who behave a lot like Looney Tunes villains, multiple jump-scares perpetrated by small animals, and the second appearance of Tommy, often considered Jason's most formidable nemesis (he's kind of like a more deranged Dr. Loomis). The first hour of this movie plays out like the first 15 minutes of most slasher movies, which is both its strength and weakness. This doesn't really feel like a full movie, but it's never too boring to be entertaining. At least they tried to inroduce some different types of characters with this one giving the movie a little more personality than most of the previous films. It's a little more light, the characters don't seem to know that anything is going wrong for quite a long time (keeping the tension very, very low), but there are some actual attempts at humor to be found along the way. It tried something new, and I felt that effort paid off.



And this is the one that goes all-out for fun. While the first 4 movies were all relatively straight forward in their attempts to be horror, this one follows along with what the 5th laid the groundwork for and grew a sense of humor, making it the first fully entertaining movie in the series. I laughed harder at this movie than I would with most comedies and believe me when I say it was at jokes that were intentional. This movie is just a blast. Even Jason seems like he's having more fun here. From the very first scene this movie is fun, exciting, and totally absurd. Unlike most of the previous films, there was no point in which I felt bored, jumping right into the action and only letting up long enough to introduce characters with actual personality. I'm not exaggerating when I say this is among my favorite horror movies of the 1980s. It's the perfect level of stupid, to the point where it actually becomes kind of smart.



By the time the opening credits started, I already could see that this one wasn't going to be even slightly interesting to me. And what felt like 5 minutes later, once the opening credits finally finished, I could see this as exactly what it turned out to be in the end: lazy and uninspired. It's such a pity to follow up easily the best, most inventive film in the series with possibly the most boring and poorly executed one, but I guess nothing would really be able to compare to Jason Lives, so at least they got a dumb one about telekinesis out of the way right then instead of some other time. I guess. My brain spent pretty much the entire movie repeating to me the words, "I don't care, I don't care". It would've just been nice had they even attempted to follow suit by throwing in some humor. Instead, this is just a stupid slasher movie that takes its idiotic premise way too seriously. But at least Jason is finally played by Kane Hodder, and he is pretty intimidating here.


Apart from the fact that The New Blood is easily the worst in the series up to this point, the wit, humor, and steps forward that the two previous films took the series make for some of the most enjoyable in the franchise, and as a whole I would call this batch better than the first 4 without hesitation. Sure, this is where things got even cheesier, but as one of the get cheesy horror franchises, that is a more than welcome change in atmosphere. Next up: Jason Takes Manhattan, goes to Hell, and then hangs out in space. I can't wait.

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