Saturday, October 22, 2016

Halloween playlist #24 - Curse Of The Devil (1973)

Wow, talk about a surprise. I hadn't heard of this movie when we found it on the bottom shelf of a rack of heavily discounted used DVDs, so suffice it to say expectations weren't exactly through the roof. After reading the description, I became convinced that the movie would essentially be a trashy skin flick that I would be embarrassed to even watch in the first place. So, with the curtains drawn, we popped it in and braced ourselves for impact.

And I liked it. It wasn't trashy, only featuring limited sex/nudity. Not to say it was "classy", but it wasn't some sleazy porno you keep hidden from your DVD rack in case your parents come over. The production quality and design were pretty great and even the scenes involving werewolves were oddly charming. I wouldn't put it on the same level as something like Hammer's Twins Of Evil, but I would say it was of a similar breed. Also, apparently the lead actor in this movie is some kind of Spanish horror icon? I guess I have some research to do, because if more of his movies are like this, I might have to do some digging. This isn't an amazing movie, but I enjoyed it and was very pleasantly surprised by how watchable it is. Very glad to have it in our collection.


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