Thursday, October 20, 2016

Halloween playlist #20 - Bride Of Chucky (1998)

A late '90s entry in the should-be-dead-already Child's Play series, but one that I actually enjoyed quite a bit. Everything about this movie is stupid, and there's no question about it, but it manages to be funny in how shamelessly it exploits that fact. There's pretty much nothing to love about this movie, and in it's inherent silliness, winds up working surprisingly well.

I could never call this a good movie, but it's a step up above the 3rd film, and I probably even like it more than the 2nd as well, even if just because it creates its own identity separate from the first one. The inclusion of the Bride is an admittedly idiotic and derivative addition, but their banter and dynamic actually works surprisingly well in this movie. But with this one is where my praise for the series comes to an abrupt end. Because, holy ass, the next one is a failure in all the wrong ways...but we'll talk about that one in a minute. As for Bride Of Chucky, it's a fun movie that I could see myself watching again.


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