Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Halloween playlist #4 - In The Mouth Of Madness [1995]

Yet another movie that I've already seen before (this was my third time, in fact), but I'm pretty much always up for watching it. There aren't many movies that take the spirit of H.P. Lovecraft's work and translate it so well, but this one really did. Not technically based on any of his books, but still very much in the vein of what his stories were all about.

John Carpenter is one of the great horror filmmakers of all time, and this is among my favorites in his filmography. While this isn't as much straight "horror", the psychological and mysterious elements of the film are what really stand out the best. It builds an unsettling atmosphere and leaves enough up to the imagination to keep your brain from committing lack-of-subtlety suicide. Sam Neill does a solid job, but ultimately just plays Sam Neill. The main female lead is a bit dodgy, but luckily the entire movie surrounding these two is as good as it is. I wouldn't recommend this to people who need everything spelled out for them, but for me, this is the kind of movie that just keeps getting better and better every time.


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