Sunday, October 23, 2016

Halloween playlist #27 - Beware: Children At Play (1989)

I read that people walked out in disgust at the premiere of this movie by the finale. I can't imagine why, he says with an air of sarcasm. I think many people just lack the ability to appreciate this kind of trash in the way Kaufman and co. have intended. It kind of plays out like an episode of How It Should Have Ended for Children Of The Corn. And what else could you expect from a Troma movie? Other than pure class, I mean.

I do have my limits when it comes to trashiness in movies. For example, Pink Flamingos is a movie I consider unwatchable. But this one is far from that level of tastelessness. It's silly, albeit half-baked, and takes its dumb premise and tries it's best to be at least relatively entertaining. I feel it pulled some punches and would've been better had Uncle Lloyd directed it himself, but beggars can't be choosers. I enjoyed it for what it is, though I doubt you'll be seeing it on any "best Troma movies" lists anytime soon. If it does, I suggest abandoning reading that particular list, because you can do much better.


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