Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Top 10 Adventure Time episodes - Season 1

Alright, instead of bogging you all down with reviews I've already written, here is my top 10 favorite episodes of the first season of Adventure Time with just a plot description. If you want the reviews, just find them on my blog. I don't feel I need to explain myself further, so here we go.

'My Two Favorite People'
Episode 9

Jake discovers that time he spends with Finn takes away from time he can spend with his girlfriend, Lady Rainicorn, and time he spends with Lady takes away from time he could be adventuring with Finn. So he decides to try to make Finn and Lady become friends: a plan which backfires as Finn and Lady get along a little too well, as they spend all their time with each other, causing Jake to feel threatened by this budding friendship.

'What Have You Done?'
Season 1, Episode 24

Princess Bubblegum sends Finn and Jake to kidnap and imprison Ice King, but they aren't sure why. After they capture him, Ice King proceeds to tell them that he hasn't committed any recent crimes, which causes Finn to have a bit of a crisis as he now receives himself as a bad guy. But PB sent them to capture the Ice King for a reason...

'Slumber Party Panic'
Season 1, Episode 1

Princess Bubblegum's disastrous science experiment in a graveyard brings candy people back from the dead -- with a hunger for candy people's flesh. She and Finn proceed to rally the town into her castle to protect everyone under the guise of a massive slumber party while she works on a serum to get everything back to normal.

Season 1, Episode 22

Finn happens upon Marceline and her old henchman, who desperately wishes to be set free from his role as her stooge. Finn offers his services in exchange for the old man's freedom. Marceline accepts, and takes him with her to complete a series of seemingly-evil but innocent tasks. Meanwhile, Jake attempts to conquer his fear of vampires in order to save Finn from a lifetime as a henchman.

'The Enchiridion'
Season 1, Episode 5

After saving Princess Bubblegum from a nasty fall, Finn is given the secret of a book for heroes called The Enchiridion. The path to finding this book is riddled with trials and tricks, as Finn finds himself having issues with not being able to save everyone and questioning his heroics.

'Freak City'
Season 1, Episode 20

Finn gives a beggar a cube of sugar, when it is revealed that it wasn't actually a beggar: it was the Magic Man. To "repay" Finn for his charity, he transforms his body into a gigantic foot. Unable to fight bad guys and function as he used to, Finn winds up getting thrown under a bridge by some townsfolk for being a freak, where there are other people transformed into body parts like him.

'Rainy Day Daydream'
Season 1, Episode 23

It's a rainy day, so Finn and Jake can't go out for an adventure. Instead, Jake decides to use his imagination to invent a dungeon inside of their house, but there's a problem: it isn't just in his imagination. Everything he thinks becomes true, even though Finn can't see it. So they have to venture through the treehouse to get to Jake's imagination shut-off switch before it completely takes over.

'City Of Thieves'
Season 1, Episode 13

Finn and Jake approach a city of thieves where they are greeted by a hag warning them that anyone who enters the city will become a thief themselves. They also run into a little girlfriend outside the city limits who claims to have been robbed of her basket by people within the city, so they venture inside to find and retrieve her basket -- even at the risk of the city corrupting them.

'Ocean Of Fear'
Season 1, Episode 16

An adventure ending on a beach leads to Finn coming to realize his overwhelming fear of the ocean. His fear manifests itself as a ghostly figure that feeds on his inability to conquer this phobia. Finn then asks for Jake's help with it, whose methods for curing this fear are unconventional to say the least.

Season 1, Episode 18

Princess Bubblegum leaves Finn and Jake in charge of putting safety signs around a dungeon hole, which naturally piques the interest of Finn, who proceeds to enter the dungeon without the help of Jake. What at first is a fairly lighthearted romp escalates into full-on danger for Finn, who eventually discovers how much he relies on Jake during his adventures -- more, in fact, than his ego would have previously allowed him.

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