Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Adventure Time (S01E24)

Episode #024
'What Have You Done?'
Season 1, Episode 24

Princess Bubblegum sends Finn and Jake to kidnap and imprison Ice King, but they aren't sure why. After they capture him, Ice King proceeds to tell them that he hasn't committed any recent crimes, which causes Finn to have a bit of a crisis as he now receives himself as a bad guy. But PB sent them to capture the Ice King for a reason...

This episode is paced well with enough mystery to keep it interesting throughout, never really unfolding everything until the last couple minutes. This is probably my favorite Ice King episode of the first season, as I feel it most accurately sums him up as a villain. Unlike the wedding episode, this one makes the Ice King antagonistic by total accident, and I feel that makes it all the more entertaining. Unlike later villains (notably The Lich), Ice King is just a goofball you can't totally take seriously, and this is the best early example of that. I love the scenes with Ice King "toying with their minds" and the cell they keep him in is another hilarious reveal. Definitely among the funnier episodes of season one, with a great amount of material for Ice King. Princess Bubblegum's mysteries keep emerging, this time without her insane about it. It's just a really good episode.

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