Thursday, February 16, 2017

200 Items Or Less: Swamp Thing (1982)

A few thoughts: It's strange to me that Wes Craven directed Last House On The Left and The Hills Have Eyes right before this, and turned around only 2 years later to direct A Nightmare On Elm Street. I'll give him credit, he has some weird range. As for the movie itself it isn't particularly impressive or overly exciting up until the climax, although the setting, scene transitions, and makeup/costume design are all amusing to say the least. I can't help but to feel The Toxic Avenger wouldn't have existed were it not for this movie, which honestly makes me happy this existed regardless of how entertaining it is in its own right. This is a bizarre superhero movie that captures all the campy elements you could expect, even going so far as to supply one of the most hilarious and awesome monster fights this side of the Godzilla series. It may feel cheap and lame at times, but it's always entertaining and the ending more than makes up for any of its problems. Just don't expect anything "good".

Who would I recommend it to? Fans of schlocky b-movies and monster movies. As previously mentioned, if you like the cheesier side of Godzilla or fringe suoerhero movies like The Toxic Avenger, you just might enjoy this.

My grade: C+

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