Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Adventure Time (S01E26)

Episode #026
'Gut Grinder'
Season 1, Episode 26

As Finn and Jake travel around through many different towns and villages, the locals fear Jake and mistake him for a mysterious monster that's been attacking their homes and stealing their gold. Jake begins to fear he may actually be this "Gut Grinder" as Finn seeks to absolve his friend of these accusations.

One of the lesser episodes of the first season, this one is interesting to watch almost entirely due to seeing different towns and areas in Ooo that have fun designs and unique townsfolk. The story is fairly simple and doesn't really offer much as far as twists and turns go, but an intricate plot in an episode like this couldn't really be expected so early on in the show. I could see younger audiences being drawn in to the mystery and not knowing what might happen next, but for adults who are still watching cartoons for some reason, it's nothing to be blown away by. The previous episode surrounding the hero Billy with Finn and Jake trying and failing to be non-violent heroes (to comedic effect) would have been a much better season finale, but the show hadn't hit its stride yet by this point and I don't think they realized how much more it could be as a whole. Decent enough episode, but forgettable.

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