Tuesday, February 21, 2017

200 Items Or Less: It's Alive (1974)

A few thoughts: What a disappointment. Though I've never been a huge fan of The Stuff, I have a weird soft spot for Larry Cohen's low-budget films and the creativity that went into making them; God Told Me To is possibly one of the most ingenius horror films of the '70s. That being said, this movie - often considered one of his very best - was a bit of a mess. Never silly enough to be fun and never capable enough to be creepy, this movie flops around in that void like a dying fish, only ever watchable when the mutant baby briefly emerges. I admired its simplicity and hilarious creature design, but I feel Cohen dropped the ball in terms of story, characters, and any kind of emotional connectivity. I never cared about what was happening, and within the first half I found myself mentally checking out. When you're given no reason to give a crap about anything that's happening it's hard to be scared or invested in any way. But in the end, I didn't totally hate it just for the baby. That being said, I really hoped for more.

Who would I recommend it to? I would love to be able to recommend this one for the mutant baby, but it's barely ever on-screen. I could only see fans of pulpy low-brow trashy horror of the '70s enjoying this.

My grade: D

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