Monday, February 6, 2017

200 Items Or Less: Sugar Hill (1974)

A few thoughts: As I said in a post I made a little over a month ago, I planned on watching through some blaxploitation movies here in February. This is the first one I got to, and while I enjoyed the twist on the zombie genre and some of its visuals, I don't know for sure how much I liked it. The zombies had cool metallic eyes (not sure if they were meant to be their eyeballs or not, but they looked neat) and it was interesting to see them used by the protagonist for vengeance instead of just being zombies that kill everyone with the running, survival, and all that; it was basically standard blaxploitation, but instead of using a gun to shoot honkeys, zombies were munching on them. It was a fun gimmick, but it did wear thin after a while, since that's what the entire movie was about. The acting is almost so bad it's good, but not quite there yet. It didn't quite satisfy my desire for a voodoo-heavy horror movie, but wasn't trying to be scary, so I can't really blame the movie for my own expectations.

Who would I recommend it to? People who enjoy blaxploitation and don't want to just see people shooting each other. It's a different approach to a familiar theme, but it's not so radical of a change to keep people from enjoying it.

Grade: C-

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