Tuesday, February 7, 2017

200 Items Or Less: Deadly Prey (1988)

A few thoughts: Oh man, where can I even start with a movie like this? I guess with the disclaimer that this is a terrible movie by almost any standard you could weigh a movie by. The key to that sentence was the word *almost*, because this movie is a totally hilarious mess. The acting is stiff and awkward, leading to tons of laugh-out-loud moments that are meant to be taken seriously, the actions scenes are poorly choreographed and relentlessly over-the-top, the plot is just a shameless copy of First Blood (minus the part of the story that involves an actual story), and just about every technical aspect of the film is amateurish and clunky. Excessively violent, cheesy, and an absolute blast to sit through. It's difficult to describe this movie without comparing it to something by Cannon, but not even Golan-Globus ever produced anything that felt this cheap. You come for the action, stay for the humor, and walk away knowing you just witnessed something far greater than the filmmakers could have ever intended. Once you see a guy beat someone to death with their own severed arm, you can't regret having given this movie a try.

Who would I recommend it to? People who love watching terrible movies that are accidentally humorous. This one is pretty essential viewing for that crowd.

My grade: B+

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