Saturday, December 10, 2016

Best Episodes of Rick And Morty (#7)

Season 1, Episode 1

Rick, an alcoholic supergenius scientist inventor, moves in with his estranged daughter and her family, constantly taking his grandson Morty with him on sci-fi escapades to other planets and dimensions. This is effecting Morty's grades and attendance at school, which causes conflict between Morty's parents - Jerry and Beth - and Rick.

Now I know including a pilot in the top 10 on a list like this is generally due to the significance of it being the first episode and not necessarily for being a particularly great one, but in all honesty, this still stands as one of my favorite episodes in the show because of how damn funny it is. This wasn't just a pilot that plants the seeds that would grow into the show with great plotting and clever writing we would come to love, but the kind of show starter that instantly grabs onto you with hilarious dialogue and a well-developed plot. Instantly, we ae treated with wonderful animation, vibrant backdrops, and a sense of adventure and creativity that goes far beyond standard comedic sci-fi expectations. The writing is spot-on, capturing the essence of the characters that still ring true with the rest of the show, filling every blank space with witty one-liners and memorable moments. This is one of the most entertaining pilot episodes of any show I've ever seen.

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