Sunday, December 11, 2016

Best Episodes of Rick And Morty (#6)

'A Rickle In Time'
Season 2, Episode 1

Following the 6-month time freeze at the end of the first season, Rick, Morty, and Summer restart time, which makes time itself unstable. Sending Jerry and Beth to get ice cream and allow time to stabilize, Morty and Summer have a small fight that results in a time-split. As time keeps fracturing, they have less and less time to restore it before they all cease to exist. Meanwhile, Jerry and Beth hit a deer with the car and Beth attempts to operate and save its life.

The first season ended in a relatively anticlimactic way, but it did lead into this episode which is among the most clever and mind-bending in the entire series. Trying to describe the plot of this one is very difficult, as it goes into the territory of absurdity and insane detail pretty quickly. Much like the Community episode 'Remedial Chaos Theory', this handles the same basic scenario playing out multiple times, only here you can actually see them all going on at the same time in split screen. The story surrounding Beth and Jerry gives Jerry a rare opportunity to do something right, and it was a sweet moment near the end that's a reminder why they've stayed together so long. And on the other side involving Rick and the kids, Rick is given an opportunity to act uncharacteristically selfless, in spite of how relentlessly cynical and insulting he is to both of the kids throughout the episode. It's a very funny, clever, and effectively character-driven episode and an amazing way to start off the second season.

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