Monday, December 5, 2016

Best Episodes of Rick And Morty (#12)

'The Ricks Must Be Crazy'
Season 2, Episode 6

On his way to an ice cream place in a different dimension with Morty and Summer, Rick's spacecraft won't start up and he and Morty have to shrink down and go inside it's microverse battery to discover why it isn't working. They leave Summer behind in the car with the instruction to keep her safe while they're gone. Inside the battery is a universe which is meant to power Rick's car, but that universe's scientists are finding new ways of generating their own power.

The amount of layers and total insanity in this episode is astounding. This is much less funny than most of the other episodes in the show, which is the main reason it's not in my top 10, but the scientific exploration and concept is among the most intricate and impressive. Within Rick's battery there's a scientist much like Rick who has designed his own microverse battery, in which there is another universe with scientists making the same discoveries. In Summer's plot, she is restricted to a seat in Rick's car, which uses brute force and psychological warfare as a means to maintain her safety. This is an effectively bizarre entry in the second season, somehow standing out as being one of the weirder episodes in a show packed full of weirdness. Both halves of the story are interesting, the writing is concise, making this one of the more well-thought out episodes of this very clever and conceptual show. But again, it's somewhat lacking in humor.

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