Thursday, December 1, 2016

Best Episodes of Rick And Morty (#16)

'Anatomy Park'
Season 1, Episode 3

Rick takes Morty into the garage to be shrunk down to see what's going on inside a homeless man's body, where Rick along with a business partner have created an amusement park for human diseases. On Christmas, Jerry demands the family put away their electronics in the hopes of experiencing a "human holiday" for when his parents come to visit. They bring along a special friend whose presence shocks and disturbs Jerry.

As the title may suggest, this episode plays off of Jurassic Park, only with disease-monsters and the sickening setting of a dying human body. As much as I enjoy the animation and design of this portion of the episode, the B-plot surrounding Jerry's parents and their sexual partner/friend just doesn't quite work for me. This subplot would probably work better for someone who hates holidays and spending time with their families, but I realistically can't relate to this. As it stands, this section of the episode isn't particularly funny or interesting, which definitely takes away from the main point of the whole thing. The Jurassic Park segment is fun to look at, offers a few good laughs, and is an exciting anatomic adventure for Morty, giving him more to do than a lot of other episodes. Also, it has a pretty funny ending.

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