Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Best Episodes of Rick And Morty (#3)

'The Wedding Squanchers'
Season 2, Episode 10

Rick receives an invitation to the wedding of his best friend Bird Person and Summer's friend from school, which he is apprehensive to accept. The whole family wind up going, where it is then revealed to have been a huge set-up to a mass arrest of Bird Person, Rick and a variety of other criminals who would be in attendance. This leads to the family narrowly escaping and needing to find a new planet to live on while the galactic authorities hunt for Rick.

As the second season finale, it's hard to think of a bigger, more cataclysmic and showstopping way to end the season. The ending is tremendous, characters get killed off, and Rick reveals far more depth to his character than ever before. Realistically, with the limitless alternate realities and universes found in this series, the ways in which this cliffhanger can be resolved in season 3 are virtually endless, but it still manages to keep tension high and we see another great example of popular music being used to punctuate an important character moment. This episode feels massive, is filled with memorable scenes, and opens up possibilities for season 3 that have me more excited for new episodes of a show than I've felt about TV in years. This is a fantastic episode and an unforgettable climax that dwarfs the finale for season 1. What happens next can't be known for sure, but the progression of the story and character development found here is some of the best in the series, providing emotional moments for multiple roles. And not only this, but it also manages to throw in some really funny jokes as well. In all honesty, this is pretty much a perfect episode.

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