Monday, December 12, 2016

Best Episodes of Rick And Morty (#5)

'Close Rick-counters Of The Rick Kind'
Season 1, Episode 10

Rick is taken captive by alternate versions of himself and brought in front of a tribunal headed by the supreme council of Ricks. They believe he's responsible for the murders of other Ricks and for kidnapping multiple copies of Morty. He escapes from the Ricks with Morty in tow, as they attempt to find the true culprit. Meanwhile back on Earth, Jerry befriends a "doofus" version of Rick, all the while being taunted by more regular copies of Rick who have taken the house over as a base of operations for their manhunt.

Describing the plot of this episode definitely pushes the boundaries of how many times I can repeat saying "Rick" without becoming so redundant I sound like a parrot, but believe me when I say watching this episode makes total sense in spite of its inherent headtrippiness. This is the episode that introduces us to "evil" Rick and Morty, whose very presence speaks volumes on the potential darkness inside of Morty, in particular. As could be expected, the story surrounding Rick and Morty escaping and trying to find the real murderer is the highlight of this episode, but having dozens of copies of Rick come into play in the Jerry/Beth/Summer side of the episode definitely amps up the humor, making this entire episode a lot more fun to watch. It's a funny episode that feels like it could have been the season finale due to its grand scope, incredible action sequences, and fantastic ending. This is one of the episodes in the show that my mind goes back to the most frequently, as I admire the character building and dramatic storytelling that it's able to bring to the table, while also managing to be incredibly funny. One of the best episodes of the first season.

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