Friday, December 2, 2016

Best Episodes of Rick And Morty (#15)

'Ricksy Business'
Season 1, Episode 11

Jerry and Beth leave for a romantic Titanic-themed evening, giving Rick a chance to prove how effective he can be as a babysitter. So, naturally, they throw a massive party inviting all of Summer's school friends and Rick's alien buddies, who proceed to trash the house and transport themselves to a different planet/dimension. Morty has to brave the new environment to find crystals that will send them back to Earth.

I enjoyed the characters that were introduced in this episode (though I am still conflicted about Abradolf Lincler, which I just now realized may be the worst accidental pun of my life, though I'm keeping this in my review for the sake of recording my failure), but a majority of the scenes involving Beth and Jerry's pathetic date drug this one down. This wasn't a great episode either way, but the Titanic references and sluggish pace of this subplot keep it from being nearly as good as it should have been. But in the party scenes, we get to see tons of new faces and the lively animation that makes the show stand out. I still find it odd that the season ended on this episode, as I feel 'Close Rick-counters' had much more of a finale vibe to it. This wasn't a great way to end the first season, but it ended on a fun note that set-up a great season 2 opener.

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