Monday, December 5, 2016

Best Episodes of Rick And Morty (#13)

'Big Trouble In Little Sanchez'
Season 2, Episode 7

Rick takes Jerry and Beth to intergalactic couples therapy where they're shown what they really think of each other in a very literal sense. Meanwhile, Rick transfers his mind into the body of a child the age of Morty so he can find and kill a vampire at his grandkids' school. He then decides to stay young a little while longer, gaining popularity at school, but there's some changes going on with him that aren't quite normal.

It's a strange and interesting twist to have the story surrounding Jerry and Beth be the high-concept action part of the episode, and it mostly works pretty well. Giving Rick an opportunity to chill out as Tiny Rick is pretty fun, and it doesn't just end with being a boring part of the story as it seems like it could have. This is a gimmicky episode (shocking, I know) that gives every member of the family something to do, and that is a fairly rare thing. It's a fun entry late in the second season, and one that generated a popular one-off character in Tiny Rick. It's not the funnest episode, but it speaks volumes about the nature of Jerry and Beth's relationship and gives Summer a chance to be the hero. If anything, this episode works almost for the exact opposite reasons most of the rest of the show works. It isn't just another episode with Rick stealing the show...even though he kind of does that anyway. Because Rick is amazing.

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