Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Adventure Time (S01E11)

Episode #011
Season 1, Episode 11

Finn and Jake happen across a grim reaper-like figure who transports them to a wizard temple where he can learn magic powers for free. As they slowly learn more and more magic, Finn becomes obsessed and can't stop wanting to learn more. But what happens when they finally get to the last level of wizardry?

Finn is probably at his most screechy and obnoxious in this episode, as he screams and shouts and squawks his way through the whole thing. But honestly, even taking how annoying he is here into consideration, this is one of the funnier early episodes in the show. The off-the-wall humor and sharp gags the show is known for are on full display here. The ending is a pretty funny resolution that makes you feel like Finn isn't actually as dumb as you might think, even if he was acting irrationally in ways, but this is still one of those conclusions that doesn't make you feel like they were going out of their way to write an overly complex, convoluted ending instead of just going with the most logical answer regardless of its inherent simplicity. This isn't a character-building episode and it feels pretty insubstantial in a lot of ways, but it was at least funny and clever enough to stand out in its own way.

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