Monday, January 30, 2017

Adventure Time (S01E10)

Episode #010
'Memories Of Boom Boom Mountain'
Season 1, Episode 10

As Finn and Jake rough-house with the locals in a nearby barbarian village, Finn notices a mountain that's crying. The mountain is upset because it's spent centuries watching people fighting , so Finn takes it upon himself to find an answer for this problem by introducing new hobbies for the barbarians. But with every solution he comes to, there are side-effects that upset someone else.

While the previous episode 'My Two Favorite People' served as a reminder that sometimes there aren't solutions to the problems we face, this episode will forever feel like a missed opportunity to cover the same basic idea. Instead of forcing compromise, Finn and Jake solve everyone's problems and make everyone happy. It was a corny resolution that sums up all the problems with the first few seasons and the overly-happy, lighthearted lack of depth found within. This was the point in the show where they could get away with episodes like this though, and in the end it's just a perfectly harmless story centered around Finn's heroism. He wants to help everyone and make everyone happy, but instead of forcing Finn to accept that this can't always be done and certain compromises need to be made, it goes the opposite route. Again, this wasn't a horrible episode or anything, but it really missed out on covering something a lot bigger.

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