Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Adventure Time (S01E03)

Episode #003
'Prisoners Of Love'
Season 1, Episode 3

Finn and Jake mistakenly trespass on the Ice King's land, who in a rage knocks them out, kidnaps them, and takes them to his lair. It is there we find out he has kidnapped a few princesses to try and decide which one he will force into marrying him, so Finn and Jake try to trick the Ice King and orchestrate an escape.

Pilot episode aside, this was the first episode to feature the semi-antagonistic Ice King, who would later develop into the most interesting character in the show. But here, he is the one-note villain he was originally intended to be. Desperately lonely and also totally narcissistic and psychotic, he makes for a fun antagonist in this episode, which feels almost like a remake of the pilot episode itself. There are obviously differences between the two, and this one is far more polished and a better introduction for the Ice King, who is voiced by Tom Kenny (AKA Spongebob) as opposed to John Kassir, who just couldn't quite capture the essence of the character. Overall, this was a good official way to introduce the Ice King, and thanks to the lightheartedness of the episode, is a pretty fun early example of a standard Adventure Time plot.

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