Friday, January 20, 2017

Adventure Time (S01E06)

Episode #006
'The Jiggler'
Season 1, Episode 6

On their way back from an adventure involving saving a seemingly-inanimate watermelon, Finn and Jake come across a small dancing and whistling creature that they decide to take home with them. What they don't realize is that this "jiggler" needs to be taken care of in ways they could not foresee, and once the little guy starts to get sick they have no idea what to do to make it feel better.

While the previous episode helped push things forward with the show, this one felt like a step back. The Jiggler is a one-off character that doesn't really add much to the show, and as far as the earlier episodes go, this is easily the least consequential. I guess there's a lesson here for kids about the need to realize how a pet needs to be properly cared for and that some animals need to be left alone and not kept in captivity, but for an older person this just isn't something that needs to be addressed too much and doesn't make for very compelling TV. I would definitely recommend this episode for younger audiences, as I'm fully aware is intended, but it's not very good for someone like me who is far too old for children's programming. That being said, this episode is the least important plot/character-wise in the first batch, it isn't particularly funny, and apart from a few cool visual moments near the end involving the jiggler's mother, isn't very interesting to look at either. It's the first episode I would willingly skip.

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