Thursday, January 26, 2017

Adventure Time (S01E08)

Episode #008
'Business Time'
Season 1, Episode 8

When Finn and Jake are on the beach melting giant ice chunks filled with scraps to build a "gauntlet dock", frozen businessmen are washed up on the shore. Jake hires them to help finish building the dock, and then allow them to come back home with them to work full-time on their adventures. This results in Finn and Jake becoming too lazy to want to do anything on their own, as the businessmen wind up essentially taking over.

Another episode with a bit of a lesson for kids, this one showing what can happen if you're too lazy to do anything for yourself, and the slippery slope of letting yourself turn into a couch potato. As fun as it is for Finn and Jake to sit around and play video games and eat ice cream instead of actually doing anything, they start to feel the effects of their laziness. It's a simple idea and brings forth the pitfalls of procrastination quite well, while also adding an I Robot-style plot later on that cuts to the core of corporate thought and need to make everything as efficient as possible without any regard for anything but the bottom line. While I normally don't like to be preached at, this one doesn't make its message too annoyingly obvious and does bring up a few ideas that could be useful for more people to think about. It isn't particularly funny and the animation is fairly standard, but this is a well-executed episode with a few simple points that it handles well. It isn't among the best of the season, but it fits somewhere in the middle.

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