Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Adventure Time (S01E04)

Episode #004
'Tree Trunks'
Season 1, Episode 4

When visiting their friend Tree Trunks (a tiny elephant who baked pies), they offer to take her into the dark woods to pick a special apple to make into the ultimate pie. This proves to be quite difficult, as she may or may not be slightly senile and incapable of handling danger and adventure in the way Finn and Jake have become accustomed.

I still honestly don't know how I feel about Tree Trunks, who is a complete combination of totally adorable and kind of creepy. Voiced by an older woman, moments where she feels like being seductive come across as really gross and hilariously off-putting. She is a weird character who makes regular scattered appearances throughout the show, and this is a good way of establishing her as being the slightly creepy character that she is. As you may have noticed the first few episodes of this show seemed to be designed to introduce characters, and while Tree Trunks was probably the least important/notable character to be focused on up to this point, this was still a fun episode that borders on surreal at times. Some of the dialogue is pretty hilarious, the bizarre visuals are unforgettable, and the ending is both freaky and unexpected. This is probably the most memorable episode of the first few, for better or worse.

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