Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Adventure Time (S01E02)

Episode #002
'Trouble In Lumpy Space'
Season 1, Episode 2

Jake gets bitten by Lumpy Space Princess, which gives him a limited amount of time to be cured before becoming lumpy forever. So he and Finn have to go with LSP to her home planet (?) in order to find the antidote. But LSP and her drama prolong the experience, as Jake slowly transforms due to the lumps.

Yet again this episode goes with an infection theme, this one following more with werewolf rules. With the purple space setting, this really is a great showcase for the animators to show off some skills, vibrantly creating a new look for the show that would be explored more in later episodes, but this was still an early example of this style. This is, as you would probably guess, the first appearance of the Lumpy Space Princess, voiced by show creator Pendleton Ward. As far as comedic side characters go, LSP is among the funnier ones, especially in the first couple seasons before BMO and a few others really get much material. Mixing the werewolf-style story with the youthful angsty nature of the Lumpy Space people makes for a funny combination and is a great way to introduce LSP. It's an insubstantial and fluffy episode, like much of the first couple seasons, but it serves its purpose and is entertaining enough.

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