Monday, April 24, 2017

Top 5 movies with "THE" in their title

We all love movies. That's a fact. But have you ever considered how many movies have the word "the" in their title?? I'd say it's the single most common word in movies, but most people probably wouldn't even notice this. I'm just weird like that. So me and my staff have compiled a list dedicated to this crazy coincidence.

If you haven't seen these movies, watch them right away! Add them to your Netflix list.

Trigger warning: I tell it like it is.

5. The Handmaiden

You know this guy knows what's up.

It's French, it's dark, and it has lots of lesbian material. What's not to love? I didn't understand what was happening during it, but as a huge fan of filmmakers like Miyazaki and other filmmakers, this is the perfect movie for me.

4. There Will Be Blood

Can you believe he won an Oscar for this??

I know, the "the" in this title isn't a regular "the", but I couldn't pass up this masterpiece. I've never actually seen this movie, but I've heard it's really good. Can't wait for Disney's live action remake!

3. Game Of Thrones

Proof that not *everyone* loves Raymond...

I know I'm breaking my own rules here, but I can't help myself. Is there anyone in this planet of Earth who doesn't love Game Of Thrones? It's the best movie still on TV. Easily.

2. The Moonlight

'nuff said.

I am a major supporter of anything that features gay people, and this Oscar winning drama about gay people is easily the best movie I've ever seen. Nothing can top it. Simple as that.

1. The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Who needs Hobbits when you have Anakin?

I've made it pretty clear in the past, but I love Star Wars, and since this is the only movie in the franchise that has the word "the" in its title, I knew right away that it needed to be #1 on my list. This is the best movie of last year, without a doubt.

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