Tuesday, April 25, 2017

4 shocking examples of the Mandela Effect in movies

The Mandela Effect is something I read about yesterday, and I've been thinking about it every day since. What IS this false memory effect? It's a massive point of contention and one of the most controversial topics of conversation nowadays, so me and my staff have decide to way in on this by presenting 4 shocking examples of the Mandela Effect in movies.

Do you remember things in movies that never actually happened? So do we! Keep reading and prepare to be shocked!

1. Yoda

"there is no try, only do."

Remember this cute guy with the big ears from the movies? Nope. Yoda was never in a movie before, and only wound up becoming well known thanks to the popularity of his performance in the sequels.

2. The Shrek Movie

and you thought Yoda would be the only alien monster on this list

Surely you remembrance the game-changing Pixar movie about an ogre named Shrek who must defends his Swamp from an evil donkey named Eddie Murray? Yeah, hate to break it to you, but this wasn't actually the name of that movie: it wasn't even Pixar at all!

3. Pogs

do you remember the '90s?

There was a point in time when everyone had POG, which was basically the white people version of Craps. But not many people remember when they stopped having pogs. What happened? I don't know. The Mandela Effect #strikesagain

4. Mandela
is this where the name came from??

What else could be #1? Most people seem to remember Morgan Freeman playing Nelson Mandela in the Matt Damon soccer movie 'Invictus', but it was in fact Idris Elba who was nominated for the Oscar, not Morgy. I had no idea.

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