Wednesday, April 26, 2017

6 INCREDIBLE behind-the-scenes Secrets about X-Men

With the release of Logan, we've now officially seen the last ever X-Men movie. So I think it's time we look back at this remarkable series and some of the shocking truths me and my staff have uncovered these past weeks.

X-Men are the best movies about mutants that I've ever seen, and you know they're your favorites, too. But did you know these 6 INCREDIBLE behind-the-scenes Secrets about X-Men??

1. The "X" in X-Men doesn't stand for anything

Is there an "X" in Wolverine? I didn't think so.

Much like the talent show X-factor and the X-Files, this one came as a surprise to me. I thought maybe the X stood for exceptional, or excessive, but I was totally wrong! As it turns out, they just named it that because they thought it looked cool. Weird.

2. The "X" in X-Men stands for "Xavier"

Xavier is Patrick Stewart's name, too

In spite of what some people believe, the "X" in X-Men isn't just there because it looks cool. The "X" is actually there because of Professor Xavier, the guy who owns the X-Men.

3. Mutants

I'd let him mutate me any day. Groovy, indeed.

A lot of people call the X-Men superheroes, but this is in fact false. The X-Men are actually mutants, which is completely different.

4. Mag-neat-O

Ian McKellen also acted in other movies, like X2.

Contrary to popular belief, more than one actor was cast to play the young and old versions of this character for Days Of Future Past. The actor who plays him was, in fact, Ian McKellen. Did you know he was also in the first X-Men? Wow.

5. South Park

The Coon? That's pretty racist for a kids show.

The creators of South Park have cited the X-Men movies as a huge influence on them from the very beginning, dating all the way back to the '90s. Apparently Parker Stone really dug Wolverine, and that's why Kenny dies every episode.

6. Stanley

Did you know he was in The Office, too? What can't this guy do??

Probably the most well-hidden secret behind X-Men comes from the creator of X-Men himself, mister Stanley. This guy wrote every single X-Men, all the way back when they started! Even the ones with Wolverine. That's pretty impressive, no matter who you are.

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