Saturday, April 29, 2017

7 things only a '90s kid could remember

Do you remember the '90s? I know I sure do. Me and my staff dug deep to compile this list to remind us all how great the '90s were. It was the greatest decade ever, and these 7 things only a '90s kid could remember will prove that!

1. Pokemon

Any real '90s kid would remember Pokemon. Pokemon was huge! I know I remember Pokemon, and that's just because of the '90s. Remember when you accidentally forgot to feed them? Whoops!

2. Pizza

Nothing is more '90s than pizza. Who doesn't remember having pizza back in the day? They need to bring this delicious food back!

3. Bellbottoms

Every flower child from the '90s had a pair of these badboys. They were bold, fashionable, and great to wear to Woodstock!

4. Petting dogs

Let's face it, nothing sums up the '90s quite like these little scruffy pups. Do you remember what it was like petting dogs back in the '90s? Mind-blowing.

6. Blu-ray

Wow. It's difficult to think of a time when we used to watch movies on blu-ray, but I sure remember it. Tbh, I still prefer my movies on blu-ray, they still look great! #nostalgia

7. Air

This one shocked me. I can't believe I forgot air. But now that I remember it, I can't stop thinking about it! As a true '90s kid, I know I remember air, but do you? Yeah, didn't think so.

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