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Top 5 Worst Episodes of Adventure Time (Season 2)

I already did my top 5, so here are my bottom 5. Here are some links, they might be helpful to you if you don't see your own favorites or least favorites on this list.

Part 1 (episodes #1-13)
Part 2 (episodes #14-26)

Top 5 Best Episodes of Adventure Time (Season 2)

Ready for my picks for the 5 worst episodes of season 2? I hope so.

5. The Silent King
Finn takes the crown away from a violent and abusive king, but the goblins require someone fill the spot, so the title falls on Finn. But their rules don't allow him to do anything for himself, and it starts to wear on him. This isn't one I even dislike so much, but there is nothing noteworthy about it. I just found myself waiting for it to end, and for an 11 minute episode, that's a bad thing.

4. Her Parents
Jake pretends to be a rainicorn in order to impress his girlfriend Lady's parents. Finn pretends to be his servant, but their lie becomes harder and harder to maintain as the day goes on. Adventure Time is usually pretty ingenius in how it avoids the dullest and most predictable of plots, but this episode just feels ripped straight from a crappy sitcom. It's a fluff episode that could/should have made a much bigger statement and impact than it did.

3. Power Animal
Finn gets kidnapped by evil gnomes who want him to power their machine to flip the world upside down, and it's up to Jake to save him. But Jake keeps getting distracted. I usually like Jake. He's a relaxed character in a show full of over the top enthusiastic, screeching characters, so his chill demeanor is definitely a nice break from that at times. But in episodes like this, I find myself more annoyed at his personality than anything. I get it, he's attention deficit. But does that excuse him from not writing down what he needs to do on paper and following through on saving his best friend/brother? It just feels cheap, and I find it annoying. They could've done much better than this.

2. Heat Signature
As much as the previous episode on this list irritated me, at least I can remember it exists. This episode, even only hours after watching it, fades from my mind almost instantly. It's about Marceline and some ghosts tricking Finn and Jake into believing they're vampires. It's a practically joke that they should've caught onto within minutes, but what can I say? Apparently the writers of this episode think Finn and Jake are insanely stupid. As far as the individual moments, I couldn't tell you a single line or recall anything that happens in it outside of a wikipedia description. It's so bland and forgettable, there's just nothing to bother remembering about it.

1. Slow Love
And here we come to my least favorite of the entire second season. There's this giant snail, see? And he wants to attract the ladies, otherwise he's gonna pout and cry and be a nuisance. Charming, right? Well then Jake pretends to be a snail for him to flirt with because that isn't weird, and they teach him how to beat box (poorly) and he suddenly attracts a bunch of other giant snails that start grinding up on him and smashing into him. It's so freaking hot, I know. This is just a stupid and gross episode to watch. I don't want to see a bunch of giant snails do that, and even if they aren't technically "doing it", it's frankly close enough to gross me out. It's not funny, the story is lame, the snail (voiced by Biz Markie) is obnoxious, and the episode as a whole just doesn't feel complete. It's like they had the beginning of an idea for the first 3 minutes of an episode and decided to say screw it, let's just waste the entire 11 minutes on this dumb snail. Nothing develops and nothing funny or interesting happens. What a waste of time.

So there are my least favorite episodes of the second season. Mostly, it's a pretty great season. The show hadn't branched off into more experimental territory yet, but there were still plenty of fun episodes, and the inclusion of The Lich was a major one. So keep checking in and I'll have more lists and write-ups for the show before you know it. Thanks for reading.

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