Monday, July 31, 2017

200 Items Or Less: The Haunted Palace (1963)

A few thoughts: As could (and should) be expected of any Roger Corman Poe adaptation, this is a movie with loads of atmosphere, awesome set design, and an entertaining lead performance by Vincent Price. While I wouldn't put this on the same level as the best of these adaptations, it is a significant step above Tales Of Terror and Tomb Of Ligeia. There's not much to be said of this movie that wouldn't also apply to House Of Usher or Pit And The Pendulum, which is ultimately it's greatest weakness. By the time the movie came out, it was already superfluous; the same product as several others only with slight difference in plot. I still enjoy it, and Price is (as I already implied) his usual wonderful self, but choosing to approach this without humor (see: The Raven) or a striking color palette (see: The Masque Of The Red Death), Corman ultimately doomed his own movie to obscurity. I love the ending, though, and even if it doesn't feel entirely original, it's still a good movie.

Who would I recommend it to? Anyone who loves Vincent Price and/or the Corman Poe movies.

My grade: C+

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