Monday, July 10, 2017

200 Items Or Less: Under the Shadow (2016)

A few thoughts: At this point in time, it's surprisingly difficult to come across horror movies that aren't hell bent on having monsters fly at the screen and make you jump. It's just how horror is made nowadays. But sometimes you get movies like this that show enough restraint to put more emphasis on atmosphere and set-up, making the subsequent "boo!" much more effective. This movie doesn't feel cheap, even if it does rely on several half-assed jump-scares (some of which are pretty weak). Much like Jennifer Kent's "The Babadook", this is a movie that actually bothers to give us actual characters, establish their motives, giving their clich├ęd actions a lot more weight and making them much more believable -- also, this movie, too, suffers from an intolerable child character who I found myself wanting to slap upside the head. With a political backdrop touching on some disturbing and relevant Iranian social issues, this movie may be a standard horror movie on the surface, but has much more to offer beyond that.

Who would I recommend it to? Modern horror fans who are willing to *GASP* read subtitles should find plenty to enjoy here.

My grade: B-

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