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Adventure Time - Season 2 (episodes #1-13)

Let me start off by saying there really aren't many "bad" episodes in this show, so when I give low ratings, it's more just in comparison to other, better episodes. Also, my ordering is based on the wikipedia article, maybe not the "official" order of the episodes and when they were released or where they were meant to be released. I'm not making a big deal out of it. Also, I would normally use a letter grade system for things, but I don't want to get that specific here. Instead, I'll be using 5 total ratings, which are as follows:

★✯✯✯✯ - pretty bad
★★✯✯✯ - not so good
★★★✯✯ - pretty average
★★★★✯ - good
★★★★★ - pretty great

It's a rough system, but I like it rough *winky face* I won't be writing big reviews here, I'll save larger write-ups for when I make my top 50 (or however many) favorite episodes countdown. Okay, let's do this.

Episode 1:
'It Came From The Nightosphere'

Season two starts off on a high note with this one, a Marceline episode revolving around the relationship she has with her estranged father. Often considered one of the stronger episodes of the first couple seasons, and while not a personal favorite, a definite high point of the season.


Episode 2:
'The Eyes'

One of the funnier episodes of the first season, 'The Eyes' is a simple set up with some hilarious moments, including a great final twist and closing line. Nothing mindblowing, but a lot of fun.


Episode 3:
'Loyalty To The King'

Definitely not the best Ice King episode around, but not exactly terrible. Ice King cuts his hair, and is then unrecognizable to everyone (including Finn and Jake). He starts to take advantage of this, using his new look to attract princesses. Nothing special here.


Episode 4:
'Blood Under The Skin'

Finn gets a splinter and is then inspired to find fancy new armor to prevent this from happening again. He goes on a quest to find the coolest armor around, all the while being taunted by well-armored knights. There are some funny moments, but the main story is pretty forgettable.


Episode 5:

I've always weirdly enjoyed this episode even though there's nothing profound or exciting about it. It's a simple set-up, with Jake being sick and a big crybaby about it, demanding Finn tell him a story to make him feel better. Finn lacks the imagination to create his own, so goes out to find a story to tell. It's all fluff, but I like it.


Episode 6:
'Slow Love'

Oy. I know I said there aren't really any "bad" episodes, but this one is really close. It's about a giant snail that wants to attract ladies, Finn and Jake help. It would've been better had it been forgettable, but instead the image of a giant dumb snail beat boxing pops up in my mind and I can't help but to audibly "ugh". Not funny, not good. Moving on.


Episode 7:
'Power Animal'

Finn gets kidnapped by a gnome to power his device built to flip the world over, and Jake gets distracted while trying to save him. As much as I generally enjoy Jake's chill demeanor (and John DiMaggio's voice acting), episodes like this make him a lot harder for me to like. He just comes across as really self-absorbed, but not in a particularly funny way. That aside, the episode is just dull.


Episode 8:
'Crystals Have Power'

The triumphant return of Tree Trunks, the weird old lady elephant with a huge crush on Finn. In this episode, she's been trapped in a crystal realm for over a season, and comes out with her mind warped by her bizarre powers. A pretty interesting follow-up to her first episode in season 1, and one of the more creative decisions of season 2. I appreciate this one more than I actively like it.


Episode 9:
'The Other Tarts'

Finn and Jake are given the task of carrying tarts to a very special event, but Finn chooses to take a more unconventional route. It's pretty funny, and more than anything else, this episode has a weirdly haunting finale that I really dig. I kinda love it when this show gets existential and dark like this, and totally out of nowhere.


Episode 10:
'To Cut A Woman's Hair'

An evil tree witch sits on Jake and demands Finn bring her the hair of a princess so she can be beautiful. Finn has trouble talking to girls, and it results in some awkward situations. Not very good as a whole, but there are some funny moments -- particularly the part where Finn gives her the hair.


Episode 11:
'The Chamber Of Frozen Blades'

Finn and Jake decide to be ninjas and use their skills to infiltrate the Ice King's fortress. Ice King is also into ninja stuff, which leads to a ninja fight. Definitely had a lot more potential than others in this season, but the results don't leave much of an impact. Passable.


Episode 12:
'Her Parents'

Jake pretends to be a Rainicorn when he is finally to meet Lady's parents, and Finn plays along by pretending to be his servant. This is like a crappy sitcom episode and the ending is as unimpressive as the episode surrounding it.


Episode 13:
'The Pods'

There are 3 magic seeds, two are evil, and one is good. Finn and Jake plant them, which results in adorable piglets dressed in costumes running around. It's a dumb episode, but I like it. And the little pigs are too cute not to enjoy watching.


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