Monday, November 28, 2016

Best Episodes of Rick And Morty (#21)

'Get Schwifty'
Season 2, Episode 5

Giant disembodied heads from space come to Earth and demand Earthlings "show them what they got" by creating a new pop song for a massive, intergalactic reality singing show. Rick and Morty attempt to write a hit song with the aid of the US government in an attempt to save the planet. The presence of the heads prompts several of the Smith family and townsfolk to have a shift in religion, as they misinterpret the reality of what's going on.

As mentioned before, this isn't even a bad episode. But when I think about the good things featured here, the list ends pretty quickly. Jokes surrounding Ice T make for one of the most idiotic failed attempts at humor of the second season, and the subplot revolving around Beth, Jerry and Summer and the instant worship of the giant heads is one of the more forgettable B-plots in the show. There are some memorable moments (the inclusion of Keith David as the President was a nice touch) but the lack of adventure, plot/character development, and strong jokes makes this one of the few episodes in the show that could be skipped without missing out on much. But it's worth sitting through even if just for the titular nonsensical song about getting "schwifty", which has somehow gone on to be one of the most-quoted lines from the show.

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