Monday, November 28, 2016

Best Episodes of Rick And Morty (#20)

'Interdimensional Cable 2:
Tempting Fate'

Season 2, Episode 8

Jerry is sent to an alien hospital after being infected by a dangerous space virus. Rick and the rest of the family watch infinite-reality TV in the waiting room (all of which improvised by Roiland) while Jerry is treated and asked by the doctors to donate his penis to be repurposed as a heart to save the life of a hugely influential galactic civil rights activist who's in critical condition.

A sort-of sequel to the first season episode 'Rixty Minutes', much of the appeal with this episode comes from the wacky improvisation provided by Justin Roiland, though it's never as funny as the aforementioned episode. The story revolving around Jerry and his penis offers a few laughs (Werner Herzog's monologue about humanity and their obsession with genitalia is particularly memorable), but for the most part this segment of the story is pretty forgettable. The story is of little consequence and it lacks the freshness of 'Rixty Minutes', with more of the TV segments falling relatively flat. The lack of adventure or emotion in this episode keeps it from feeling too alive, though it does have a few really funny moments mixed throughout.

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