Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Best Episodes of Rick And Morty (#18)

'Raising Gazorpazorp'
Season 1, Episode 7

Rick buys Morty a sex robot at a pawn shop, which turns out to be a robot designed to give birth as well. Morty decides to raise the child himself, which is a violent alien that grows up incredibly fast. Summer gets herself involved in Rick's exploits, as they venture to the robot's planet of origin and discover the true reason behind the existence of this breeder-bot.

The story with Morty and his son is simple and gives him a good opportunity to grow as a character, but the absence of Rick in this portion of the episode does keep it from being as fun as it could have been. Since we never see Rick in a nurturing role, I feel it would have been a fun chance to explore that side of his character -- but the fact he left for an adventure instead speaks volumes about the very nature of Rick. Now, even though Summer has her moments, she just isn't nearly strong enough of a character to make for an interesting sidekick for Rick. Their interactions are mostly made entertaining by Rick's inherent sexism, and total disinterest in anything she has to say, but they're not as fun to watch together as the title characters. It was a good episode to expand the characters somewhat, but it wasn't great.

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