Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Best Episodes of Rick And Morty (#19)

'Mortynight Run'
Season 2, Episode 2

Rick and Morty drop Jerry off at a daycare center made by an alternate Rick specifically for Jerrys, and proceed to sell an alien assassin a weapon in order to afford a day of fun at a space arcade. Morty intervenes, and drags Rick along to protect the life of the assassin's intended target, which turns out to be a gaseous entity that may or may not have dark intentions. Jerry kind of attempts to break out of the daycare, but doesn't really know what to do if he does.

One of the more harmlessly skippable episodes of the show, this one doesn't feature many laughs, but gives guest actor Jemaine Clement an opportunity to lend his voice to a weirdly catchy song in the vein of David Bowie. Jerry can be an interesting character to watch, but when he's only given the opportunity to interact with alternate versions of himself, it's about as dull as you could expect. The stuff with Rick, Morty, and the gas cloud (who's been lovingly donned with the moniker "Fart") feature some interesting animation, and it's always entertaining to watching Rick and Morty's ideological clashes, but it never really develops the characters in this episode. I enjoy it enough, but it certainly didn't break any new ground.

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