Sunday, August 27, 2017

200 Items Or Less: Outland (1981)

A few thoughts: Sean Connery plays a newly appointed Marshal aboard a mining colony on a Jupiter moon where there are some seedy criminal activities that everyone seems to either be in on, or afraid to acknowledge. Watching him try to get to the bottom of this makes for a bulk of the movie, but there isn't much of a mystery, so it's a good thing the sets and sci/fi elements are present and the climax is exciting, otherwise this could have been a pretty dull movie. Connery plays himself, as usual, but his strength and demeanor is perfectly suited to the role, helping it stand out as one of his better performances. As I briefly mentioned earlier, I love the set design, with the scenery shots of the mining colony being particularly cool. As most people say, this is a lot like High Noon in space, but it's still solidly entertaining, has some legitimate thrills, and features some very impressive set pieces and visuals. Also, weirdly, there are some jump-scare moments -- keep in mind, this is a crime/action movie. Very bizarre, but it adds to the tension. I dug it.

Who would I recommend it to? Mostly genre fans would enjoy it, as it contains bits of sci/fi, action, western, and crime thriller. And it blends them together well, too.

My grade: C+

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